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Cloning Git Repositories

In my last Naked Blogging post, I showed you how I built libgit2, libssh2, and OpenSSL for iOS and package them as XCFrameworks so that I can use them in my Naked Blogging application. In this post, I will implement my first Git feature: cloning my website repository on GitHub.

All About One Time Passwords

Two factor authentication is happening everywhere now. Corporate logins and many websites are now texting, emailing, or requiring you to enter a one time passcode in order to gain access. In this post, I will show you how these codes are being generated and how you can add them to your applications.

Introducing Naked Blogging

In this post, I am restarting my journey to build my own blogging app: Naked Blogging. I am going to give you an overview of my vision and start documenting my journey by showing you how I am building this product.

Home Screen Quick Actions With SwiftUI

Home Screen quick actions are a great way to expose common actions that your customers perform using your application. When SwiftUI 2 was released, there was surprisingly little said about how to implement quick actions in new applications. I will show you how to use custom scene delegates to support Home Screen quick actions in your SwiftUI apps.

Creating Multiple Scenes in a SwiftUI App

The latest iPad and iPad Pro devices are ripe and ready for more powerful business solutions. SwiftUI 2 has changed the application model but didn’t really explain how to support some of the features specific to iPads. In this post, I will describe how to use SwiftUI 2 to create multiple scenes in iPad applications.

Welcome (Back) to The Imaginary Road

Welcome back to my personal blog: The Imaginary Road. In this post, I will discuss my break from writing, what has brought me back, and what I plan to write about in the immediate future.