In 26 years as a professional software developer, one of the most important things that I have learned is that if some code is not quite working out like you had hoped, it’s sometimes worthwhile to delete it and start over. I find that to be true in life sometimes too. In this post, I will reintroduce myself, tell you about my new website and blog, and lay out a roadmap for the journey ahead.

I love blogging. I really do. But my relationship with it has been start/stop for far too long. It’s not intentional. I want to write. I want to share good information that others find useful. I want to write to make sure that I really understand the topic that I am writing about. I want to write because it makes me feel like I am contributing something back to the vast space of my peers. So if I really like doing something, why did I stop in the first place?

I stopped blogging for a while because of various personal and professional reasons. I was unhappy in my role for a while at my company, Neudesic. While I loved Neudesic, I was in a place of toxicity and needed a helping hand to get out of it, which I got from some very good friends. I was in a place of stress and distress. I was putting too much pressure on myself to be perfect and to demonstrate to myself and my peers that I am as good as I want to believe that I am, and that was a mistake too. From there, it was just kind of a downward spiral professionally and personally while I tried to keep everything together, or at least make it look like I was doing so.

I was also growing disappointed by my website. I enjoyed creating it using Jekyll and GitHub Pages, but it was hard to make it grow the way that I wanted to. It really hasn’t been until recently that the right opportunity came about to recreate the website to what I wanted now, versus what I had wanted originally. The introduction of GitHub Actions opened up the opportunity to move away from Jekyll and move over to using Hugo. I was able to make the decision to drop some of the older, outdated content that I was no longer interested in maintaining. (The old content is still accessible in the version control history, in case you are looking for it.)

I also made the mistake of putting too much pressure on myself on one of my hobby projects. I’ve been working on an iPad blogging tool, but I was struggling to get it done and I wouldn’t let myself blog using anything other than that. I’m still going to work on, and probably restart the tool and will blog about it as I build it, but I’m not going to let it’s lack of readiness stop me from moving forward from blogging and building out my new website.

I have made some life changes too to help me out. While dealing with the d isolation of the coronavirus, I have been able to take a break from the pressures of my career. The extra time that I have been able to get each day to work on personal projects has helped me to get re-energized. I love working with my peers at Neudesic, but I have maximized the time away while I have been isolating at home to reset myself, and now I’m ready to relaunch.

The Imaginary Road, the website that I have built and maintained since 2012, is starting a new chapter. It’s like opening a new notebook that has never been written in. The notebook is exciting and the pages are just waiting to be filled with thoughts and source code and ideas and stories. I’m excited to build some really cool things and tell you about them. As I begin my 27th year of my professional career, I’m ready to take my career to yet another level and to explore to see where that goes.

This website is a perfect metaphor for me, my life, and my career. This website is what I have built. It is not perfect. It can and will be improved over time. But it is what I have built. It is where I am today. And tomorrow, it will get better. As well as the day after that. By this time next year, this website will have undergone some major changes and improvements. I will have added a lot to it, and I will probably have removed some things that just did not work. But I am looking forward to the road ahead; to writing the ink on the raw pages that are just waiting to tell my stories.

Welcome back to my blog. It’s time to launch.