New Project: iOS Forms

In this post, I will introduce you to the iOS Forms project, a new open source project to help myself and others create form-based data entry applications for the iPhone or iPad.

Today I am starting a new open source project here on GitHub titled iOS Forms. The iOS Forms project is actually based on work that I have prototyped or built for other iOS projects that I have released over the past year. The objective of the project is to make it easier for iOS developers to create data entry user experiences for iOS applications, and to take advantage of best practices and standards for data entry.

The iOS Forms library is based on table view user interfaces in iOS. Forms are presented in a UITableView view and can have multiple sections and each section can have multiple fields. In addition, the forms can be customized at runtime by dynamically adding sections or fields to a form. The library will also support multiple form field types that include formatting and custom keyboards. For example, the IRCurrencyFormField class will format the value of a field as a currency, and will automatically show the field non-formatted during editing.

The most important part of this library is that there will hopefully be very little code that needs to be written to implement most features of a data entry user interface. We will be making use of property lists to define the structure of the form, and will load and use the property lists at runtime to build the forms.

I have created a GitHub Pages website where the software documentation and related blogs will be posted on the library. The source code itself can be accessed on GitHub here.