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Introduction to ZeroMQ

I will be presenting to the Phoenix Connected Systems User Group on November 7th, 2012. The topic will be an introduction to ZeroMQ. In this post, I will describe a little about ZeroMQ and tell you what you will be seeing in my presentation. Read article

Calling a WCF Service from Node.js

In this post, I will demonstrate writing a command-line program that will allow other programs to call WCF-based web services. This will demonstrate some of the important aspects of command-line programming that I touched on in the introduction post. Read article

Introduction to Command-Line Programming

We live in a GUI dominated world and we have since Windows 3.1 appeared in the early 1990s. For many of us, writing console mode programs went out of fashion long ago to be replaced by graphical shells and web applications. However, the value of programs without user interfaces, that run in console windows or terminals, and that accept a variety of command-line options has not diminished. In this post, I return to take a look at the world of command-line development to see if a former command-line developer can return from the world of the web and Windows. Read article

Poison Message and Dead Letter Handling for WCF and MSMQ

Since I started working on Neudesic’s Neuron product, I have found myself doing a lot more with WCF and gaining a better understanding of that technology plus related technologies such as MSMQ. In this post, I will discuss how to handle problem situations where WCF messages sent over MSMQ have errors or expire and are sent to the dead letter queue. Read article

Bad Habits Around Unit Testing

If I have one bad habit as a developer, it is writing code without creating the proper unit or acceptance tests. In this post, I discuss my bad habit and look at what I should be doing to fix the problem. Read article

New Project: iOS Forms

In this post, I will introduce you to the iOS Forms project, a new open source project to help myself and others create form-based data entry applications for the iPhone or iPad. Read article

Implementing a Git HTTP Server


In this post, I will look at the Git smart HTTP protocol and will demonstrate how to create a web application that can host and serve Git repositories to users. Demonstrations will be shown using Node.js. Read article